I’ll start with values. The things I have valued most have been the people I’ve met and their willingness to help – and specifically to help me to learn. They have made the difference and they are acknowledged here.

Open and honest, taking a can-do approach, they have shared their thinking with me and listened to mine. Always with integrity and honesty. Making things happen and making me smile along the way.

The story I describe here  began with a specific problem. The solution developed into more than an innovative table or furniture: mobili in Italian, of Latin origin, means ‘to move’ interestingly!

The vision just got bigger.

An adjustable framework which is truly versatile has the potential to solve many different problems in design and engineering, urban and rural environments and societies. You can see more features of the innovation here.

My big vision is that RAISE DESIGN™ will make a difference in a range of industries where time or space or energy are big issues from emergency aid to different forms of transport to construction.

I believe good design is lasting and does good.

It can move you in unexpected ways and change your perspective.

Multi-functional design is needed now more than ever – and we aspire to have something unique and individual and sustainable. The novel geometry of this design can be customised and interpreted to make your own truly bespoke collection.

My passion is to keep production local – to make things fast and nearby and to reduce transport time and costs.

So my first showcase has been made in London in metal, nylon and wood.

To showcase how the design moves, my first collection of models intentionally takes just one framework in one size to launch RAISE DESIGN™, to learn from feedback and to look for partners.

I’d love to tell you more so please contact me to explore other applications and possibilities.