RAISE DESIGN™ offers a different proposition.

More than the solution to a specific problem described in my story here, this is a novel patent-pending MECHANISM ready to build out along an innovation pipeline.

An adjustable framework and design that moves to give fast, high and easy elevation based on geometry that can be customised.

The framework works not only with three arms, but also four, five and six locking arms, potentially of different lengths at different angles.

With potential to scale up and use different materials, there are various solutions to a range of specific problems of TIME and SPACE and ENERGY – big issues identified in my vision detailed here.

It works as a support for different surfaces but also as a scaffold without any surfaces, around a central open space if required.

There are many features from just a few repeating components, uniquely engineered with production in mind.

The framework is portable, storable, modular, interlocking at different levels when open and tessellating or nesting when folded.

The design and engineering possibilities are endless.

This is an exciting opportunity for forward-thinking innovation and change, to identify future markets, in radically different industries from hospitality to trusses, trestles, construction, emergency aid and medical situations, providing efficient storage and transport solutions.

To showcase how the design moves, my first collection of models intentionally takes just one framework in one size to launch RAISE DESIGN™, to learn from feedback and to look for partners.

I’d love to tell you more so please contact me  to explore other applications and possibilities