I was looking for a simple solution.

My problem was having to set up events fast, then effortlessly change things around at a moment’s notice – often with a crowd of people waiting. This was when I needed space to be flexible – for all-day hospitality, intensive courses, weddings and impromptu parties.

I wanted a table which could be taken to where I needed it – and open upwards, easily and to different heights. Without going outwards at the same time. Which anyone, big or small, could move. Without needing any power, such as electricity.

I couldn’t find the simple solution I was looking for.

What I did find is that it’s much harder to make something innovative AND simple.

Design was key. But for design that moves, engineering became key.

Would anyone else need this?

With just the essence of a concept, RAISE DESIGN™ entered a forward-thinking hotel industry design award and the idea was shortlisted. That was enough validation to continue to make the concept a reality.

It took a year to get a real working prototype.

The geometry is totally customisable making it a truly-versatile framework and much more than a table. You can find out more about the innovation here and its potential applications and its bigger impact.

Officially I’m a team of one, not knowing how things have been done before or what’s not possible!

The truth is that so many inspirational, highly-skilled people along the way have kindly, generously given me time and resources. I feel privileged to have met these remarkable people and I thank and acknowledge them here. They got alongside me and we’ve worked together on the vision detailed here.

This is the story so far.

To showcase how the design moves, my first collection of models intentionally takes just one framework in one size to launch RAISE DESIGN™, to learn from feedback and to look for partners.

I’d love to tell you more so please contact me to explore other applications and possibilities.